Tax Prep Pricing

Individual Tax Pricing

Just as every situation is unique, each tax return varies in complexity, and our prices reflect that.
However, we do believe in offering transparency to our clients, which includes pricing so you know what you're getting yourself into! Although prices may vary, below is a general idea and rough guideline to our pricing here.

Basic individual tax returns usually end up anywhere from $350 - $450, including one state return. These typically include Schedule B or Schedule A. Additional State returns are $60 each.

More complex tax returns can range from $450- $1,200, again depending on the complexity, and can include Schedules A, B, C, D, E, and the Home Office Deduction.

Most individual tax returns fall between $350 and $450.

Amended Tax Return for prior years are $200-$400, depending on complexity of changes.
Review of past tax Returns is always free.


Tax consultations and planning are $200 per session on average.

For other forms and schedules, price will be quoted based on the overall complexity of the return due to these forms.

Sorting and organizing personal financial records (paper and electronic) can be up to $300 per banker’s box.

For business returns, please refer to the "business pricing" tab on our webpage.

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